My name is Annika Klose and I am your candidate for the German Bundestag for Berlin Mitte. My constituency includes the entire district Mitte: Berlin Mitte, Gesundbrunnen, Wedding, Moabit, Tiergarten and Hansaviertel. Welcome to myWebsite!

This city is my home.

I have been living in Berlin for 10 years and ever since I moved here, I am active in Berlin Mitte. I am involved in politics as a volunteer and have never received any money for my social and political activities. I am active in politics to fight for what is important to me: for social justice.

From 2015-2020 I was the chairperson of the biggest political youth organization in Berlin with 6000 members, the Jusos Berlin (young socialists, the youth Organization of the SPD). In this position, I fought to ensure that our rents don’t rise any further and that schoolchildren in Berlin can travel by bus and train for free. Now I want to fight for us, for the people in Berlin Mitte, and our rights.

We love Berlin Mitte. Let’s fight for what we love about it!

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, our neighborhood and our Kieze were changing rapidly. Many people and businesses can no longer afford the rents and have to move away or close their shops. In addition, many jobs have been lost during the pandemic and it has become even more difficult to find a good apprenticeship position (Ausbildung).

My demands for more social equality

We have a right to housing. Therefore I fight for affordable rents. In the Bundestag I would like to enforce a rent freeze and enable more social housing in Berlin. So that there is enough affordable housing and no one is pushed out of their own home. We need to stop gentrification.

Because we deserve good jobs and wages we can live off, I stand for a legal job guarantee and a minimum wage of at least 12 euros per hour. I am committed to better working conditions in nursing and delivery services. I also want to ensure that every young person gets an apprenticeship position. And I am committed to the abolition of Hartz IV sanctions.

Because families need support, I would like to introduce basic child benefits. This means that families receive monthly money for each child:400 euros for children under the age of six, 458 euros for children aged six to13 and 478 euros for children aged 14 and older.

To safe our Kiez-Culture, even after the pandemic, I advocate for financial aid for our local businesses, as well as rent-freeze for business spaces. Our meeting places, the multigenerational houses and neighborhood get-togethers also need financial security.

Because everyone should be able to participate in our democracy, I fight for the right to vote for people who have lived in Germany for a long time –regardless of whether they have German citizenship or not. I also advocate the right to vote from 16 years on at all levels.

My life besides politics

I am 29 years old, I was born in Dortmund, grew up in Lower Saxony and have been living in Berlin for 10 years. In addition to my political commitment, I studied social sciences at the Humboldt University and started my professional life asa trade union secretary at the German Trade Union Federation (DGB) Berlin-Brandenburg. Since independence is important to me, I then decided to do a master’s degree, which I am currently completing.

I am a very passionate aunt and often visit my sister and her family in Neukoelln. I have two cute cats as pets and prefer to spend my free time with friends in parks, cafés, bars and clubs, provided the pandemic allows it. Maybe I'll see you soon in Humboldthain or a café on Birkenstrasse?

Contact and support

Do you have any questions or concerns? Do you need assistance? Please contact me!

Would you like to support me in the election campaign? I welcome any reinforcement for my campaign team or a donation http://www.annika-klose.de/unterstutzen

Unfortunately, I cannot translate my entire website. Please excuse the inconvenience!

Please support me in the upcoming election on September 26th 2021!


Annika Klose